The Guided Fundraise for Startups

  1. Funding Process — What is our plan? What are the key steps we need to take?
  2. Investment Research — Who is our audience? Why will they invest?
  3. Best Practice — How do we execute our plan on the ground?
  • Funding objective — What timeline are we working to? How much are we raising? What are we going to spend it on?
  • Investor longlist — How do we identify relevant investors to approach? What’s in it for them?
  • Investment materials — How do we create an awesome pitch deck? What other materials are needed for this stage of investment?
  • Investor shortlist — Which investors will be the very best fit for our business and be our priority?
  • Personalised approaches — Who is the best person to reach out to at each of these investors? How do we create a tailored approach? Is there potential for a warm intro?
  • Phasing — How should we phase the outreach to suit our strategy and timeline?
  • Pitch meetings — How do we manage the meeting? How do we deliver our proposition in the most effective manner?
  • Investor relationship — How do we build excitement and trust? How do we create and support our investor ‘advocate’?
  • Due diligence — What evidence will investors need to see? How do we make it easy for them to access and evaluate? What due diligence should we perform on investors?
  • Investor process — How will investors reach a final decision? How do we keep this on track?
  • Timeline — How do we build momentum in the campaign and keep everyone moving forward together?
  • Term Sheets & Investment Agreement — How do we negotiate fair terms and conclude the deal?



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John Hall

John Hall


Founder & CEO of UK startup to scaleup advisory firm Duet Partners